A beer at the Julius Bär

From Reuters’s Industry Summits blog comes a great way of dealing with unruly neighbours:

_It is a little known fact that private bank Wegelin, Switzerland’s oldest bank, is also active in the bars and restaurants business.

[…]It may sound an odd sort of diversification, but Wegelin says there were forced to try a new line of business to ensure an upmarket crowd mingled on the ground floor of the Wegelin building.

[…]Wegelin was forced to launch a hostile takeover on a local bar which had attracted a lot of unruly drinkers near its St. Gallen branch office.

**“We bought the bar, we fired the owners, and we put a nice Café in so we get a different crowd.** The crowd that sits during the day drinking coffee and not vomiting drinking beer at night,” Raubach said._

I bet the management at Julius Bär are kicking themselves for not thinking of it first.