We're a long way from "Comcast Must Die"

There’s a new service sheriff in town, sez Pravda.

_BOUQUETS or brickbats about service standards can now be aired on a new blog dedicated to how Singaporeans are being served - or not.

The website, www.areyoubeingserved.com.sg , is where 10 undercover service professionals will blog about service standards in the establishments they patronise. The blog will also be where online users can share their experiences, review the service they have been given or discuss service in general.



Awesome! It’s about time someone had a pop at Singapore’s sub-par service standards (previously on JRE).

But if you go to the blog, and look on the “What We’re About” page:

_Disclaimer: The Service Squad reserves the right to remove flaming comments _or brickbats which may prove harmful to establishments mentioned. Comments generated by users are not indicative nor reflective of the views of The Service Squad.

So this “new blog dedicated to how Singaporeans are served - or not” specifically won’t name and shame places with bad service. Which makes it completely useless.

And then you hit the “Terms and Conditions” link, and it all becomes clear - the site is run by the (government-controlled) Singapore Tourism Board. If anyone has a vested interest in airbrushing Singapore’s service standards, it’s the STB.

In fact, they seem to have a weird phobia of naming any names at all. Here’s a post about “a well-meaning TV uncle” who’s completely honest about which TV to buy. I’d shop there - but they won’t tell you where it is. Or here’s a “double egg (breakfast burger starting with the letter M)”. Or here’s a “brand XX model XX” TV, which is just ridiculous.

Oh dear. Back to The Consumerist.