"Sorry officer, I wasn't aware there was a speed limit" won't cut it

_Pravda_ reports:

Most drivers in Singapore are not aware of the speed limit on the roads, said a survey released by motor insurer AXA on Tuesday. Only one in four drivers here know that the speed limit on normal roads is 50kmh. The rest perceived the speed limit to be higher than that.

This is why I don’t own a car. The article continues…

The survey, done by AXA for the first time here, polled more than 500 motorists in Singapore. More than 400 of these were private car owners while the rest are taxi drivers.

Because including more taxi drivers would have painted the average Singaporean driver as an adrenaline junkie with no navigational skills and a death wish. Wait a minute…

More than 60 per cent of the survey respondents also admitted that they engage in certain acts of dangerous driving.

The real story here: nearly 40 percent of people lie on surveys.

[…] Older drivers were found to be more careful while driving. For example, they are less likely to tailgate other vehicles or talk on their mobile phones without a hands free kit while on the road.

…but they’re more likely to cause enormous pileups by doing 40km/h in the fast lane, so it all evens out.