If You B.K. Me

Okay, okay. I take it back. I take back what I said two days ago about advertising in Singapore being bland and not “edgy”.

Make sure nobody’s looking over your shoulder, then hit this link to see Burger King’s latest advertising campaign for its “Super Seven Incher” burger. I swear this is a real ad, and it’s really running in Singapore. (Here’s a high-res version at Copyranter.)

Apparently it was done by a local ad agency for the local franchisee - BK headquarters and their global ad agency, Crispin Porter and Bogusky, are frantically trying to dissociate themselves from the ad. Bravo, anonymous Singaporean ad agency - you’ve gone beyond “edgy”, all the way to “gratuitous shit-stirring”.

So, aside from the unsubtle, tasteless, single-entendre imagery, does anyone else think “It’ll BLOW your mind away” is the most stilted piece of ad copy ever? Did “It’ll BLOW your mind” not fit in the space?