You had me at “by population not girth”

I was going to write something about the Indian elections, but Wonkette beat me to it. Also theirs is funnier. Sample quote:

The Third Front: The Western media will call them “left wing” and ominously throw in the fact that there are “communists” involved, and there are, but mostly they’re a shaky coalition of small, rural, regional parties that represent India’s poor and historically disenfranchised. They are led by the hilariously corrupt Mayawati — who also happens to look exactly like a female Rod Blagojevich.

Go. Read.

Update: Ms. Hilariously Corrupt lost big, and blames it on a “conspiracy”.

Update II: Totally awesome: Ms. Hilariously Corrupt paid five million US dollars in income tax in the ’08 financial year. The top tax rate in India is 30%-ish, so she earned at least fifteen million USD – assuming she was more honest with the tax office than she was with the constituency. Cough cough.

Screw Singaporean politics; where can I sign up to be an Indian politician?

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