Don't Look Down

Don’t Look Down, originally uploaded by Shiny Things.

I’m sitting in the Derrynane Hotel, on pretty much the furthest southwestern point of Ireland. The sun is sinking behind the hills of Kerry, the sea is lapping at the beach just below the hotel, and I’m sitting with my feet up and a glass of Bulmers in my hand. Life is good.

Here’s the first of a few photos from the drive down the west coast. This is the Cliffs of Moher, allegedly the most visited tourist attraction in Ireland (Dublin Airport? Not really a tourist attraction I guess.)

The highest point on the Cliffs of Moher is just north of O’Brien’s Tower - the castle you can see at the top right. Around this point, the cliffs reach 215 metres - if you fell off the top (which you could, there’s no fence!), you’d freefall for 8 seconds - long enough to reach terminal velocity if you were spread-eagled.