You're on thin ice, Prime Minister

Of course you realise this means war:

_NEW Zealand’s prime minister has a message for all Aussies: hands off our pavlova, and that champion racehorse is ours, too. John Key has waded into dangerous trans-Tasman territory with cheeky comments on the niggling rivalries between Australia and New Zealand.

“It’s totally ridiculous for Australians to claim that they have pavlova or Phar Lap or any of those iconic New Zealand items,” Mr Key said today. “Everybody knows that they’re ours and for Australians to claim ownership of them is quite inappropriate.”_

If you want Phar Lap, mate, you can storm the Melbourne Museum and get him yourself. And if you want his heart, you’ll have to talk to Kevin Rudd.

_But Mr Key says there’s no doubt that New Zealand can lay claim to the Finn brothers’ band, Crowded House.

“Absolutely,” he said, adding: “On a bad day we’ll lend you Russell Crowe.”__


Whaddaya reckon, Aussie readers? Is it time to invade New Zealand?