Sod off, Swampy

I was going to rant here about how I hate the smelly hippie commie pinko ferals that come out every Gx meeting to protest against things they don’t really understand but that they’re very angry about.

It’s just not worth it, though, and it’s all been said before. So I’ll just direct you to this heartwarming, inspirational Times article from 2005, and ask one question:

This year, they’re hosting a “climate camp-out” to blockade the European Climate Exchange. When the ferals tried (and hilariously failed) to storm the IPE and LIFFE, at least they were smart enough to attack an actual exchange with actual traders who might actually stop trading.

But the ECE’s all-electronic.

What are they going to do? Harass the receptionists? Stop the marketing guys from getting their morning coffee? Lean over the shoulders of the tech support people and occasionally poke keys on their keyboard?

Laaaaaame. Get a haircut and get a real job, ya stinky ferals.