JRE Keeps You Entertained All Weekend: Unfortunate Hairstyles of the Eighties

It’s amazing what you can find on Youtube. Here’s something I stumbled across this week - the epic videoclip to Icehouse’s 1983 hit Street Cafe, from the album _Primitive Man_ (better known for Aussie-Aussie-Aussie-oi-oi-oi anthem _Great Southern Land_).

The video was directed by Russell Mulcahy, who also directed the first and second Highlander movies (and appeared as a “Shield Control technician” in Highlander 2). He’s better known for directing music videos, though; Mulcahy was responsible for everything from We Didn’t Start the Fire, to the original clip for _Pour Some Sugar on Me_, to a whole lot of Duran Duran.

Frontman Iva Davies made some unfortunate decisions later in his career, sporting an enormous mullet four years later in the video for smash hit _Electric Blue_. Angus MacGyver reportedly sued for copyright infringement.