His Master's Voice

Singapore has been atwitter lately with rumours of an imminent general election after the Elections Department announced that the electoral rolls were being updated and the electoral map was being redrawn; general elections have always been closely preceded by a redistricting.

(Side note: in Singapore, the Elections Department (which is responsible for redistricting) isn’t independent like Australia’s AEC. Instead, it reports directly to the Prime Minister. Draw your own conclusions.)

But there would be “no purpose” in holding a general election before 2011, says Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew.

You heard the man. Back to work, people.

Also amusing, LKY (who is nearly 90 but not to be messed with) brings the smackdown:

In an interview with Reuters on Wednesday, he said the Government of Singapore Investment Corp (GIC) had bought ‘too early’ into global banks such as Citigroup and UBS , which were both hammered by toxic assets.

Update: JRE hereby resolves to start using proper sentences; that first paragraph was a crime against punctuation.