Driving in Singapore is a Health Hazard

Driving in Singapore is a Health Hazard, originally uploaded by Shiny Things.

…mostly because of people like this. And the crazy taxi drivers (previously on JRE).

Couple that with the fact that you can’t buy anything remotely carlike for less than $50,000 (except a Chery Deathtrap or a Geely CrumpleZone) and you have to wonder why anyone owns a car in Singapore at all.

Update: So that it doesn’t seem like I’m mindlessly bashing Chinese cars, here’s a treat for you: compare those crash test videos linked above with this crash-test of a (EuroNCAP five star rated) Volvo S40. And here’s Fifth Gear on a related topic - what’s safer, a big ol’ fridge on wheels or a brand new car with all the safety gewgaws?

And related: Chery is trying to buy Volvo. Are they hoping that Chery’s zero-star cars plus Volvo’s five-star cars will add up to a two-and-a-half star car?