And you only have to repay it in the afterlife

Wow. And I thought funds management was a money machine:

New Creation Church raised a whopping $19 million for the construction of its new premises at Buona Vista – in less than 24 hours. In a show of support, a record number of 22,000 people turned up for services at the Rock Auditorium at Suntec City Mall three weeks ago. The donations were collected over four services on Feb 15.

…and that’s on top of the $46 million they’ve raised so far.

Have a look at the renderings. And get a load of the description:

More than that, it offers an alternative place, other than home or work, where a person can go to relax and feel part of the community. It will be a hub of local life and provide a place to socialise and for some retail therapy.

It’s a shopping mall. The church is building a shopping mall using its parishioners’ money. Only in Singapore.

Of course:

However, when contacted, the church declined to comment.

Oh, and by the way, the company that owns the shopping mall – as well as a “beach-front recreational and gastronomical establishment in the heart of East Coast Park” – is majority-owned by two of the pastors at NCC.

In other news, Jim Bakker is claiming copyright infringement.

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