Tons of strawberries sold at Wimbledon each year: 15

In the pages of every issue of Harper’s Magazine is the Harper’s Index, a collection of facts pulled from that month’s news. They’ve just launched a new interface to all of these facts - fully indexed, searchable, and running back as far as 1984. So you can find out that as of November 2001, the total cumulative profit earned since 1995 by all of the companies listed on the Nasdaq was… erm… zero._


It’s sorted by keywords, so you can rummage for stats about Singapore, television, or (of course) sex, where you’ll find this:

_Chances that a hip-hop fan has had five or more sexual partners in the last five years, according to a U.K. study: 2 in 5

Chance that a country-music fan has: 1 in 67_

And it even has an extremely nifty “search by answer” feature. Say you’re writing a thirtieth birthday card, and looking for some interesting stats about the number 30. Ta-da:

_Amount of time it takes to ride the entire length of the New York City subway system, in hours: 30

Estimated number of body parts suitable for piercing, according to Gauntlet, a New York City jewelry store: 30

Percentage of Americans over the age of 65 who say that color is a “very important” factor in buying underwear: 30_