They have problems with "insert tab A into slot B"?

Agence France-Presse brings us this little gem:

_SINGAPORE - A Singapore lawmaker has a simple explanation for the city-state’s lack of babies: procreation, he says, is “not our forte.” […]

“We should accept that as a people, our procreation talent is not our forte – nothing to crow about,” Loo [Choon Yong] told the legislature on Wednesday._

Really, it’s not that hard. (Or maybe that’s the problem! Boom-tish.)

_The government announced last year that it would double spending on incentives to address a baby shortage that threatens the city-state’s future.

Previous efforts by authorities in the fast-paced, money-oriented and high-stress society failed to significantly raise the number of children._

As is its wont, _Pravda__ _completely missed the buried lede, instead focusing on what the esteemed MP thinks Singaporeans should do instead of not having sex…

_MORE free time did not result in more babies, so people should go back to work on Saturdays.

Nominated MP Loo Choon Yong on Tuesday threw up the most provocative suggestion during the Budget debate when he questioned the benefits of the five-day work week.

Speaking on the second day of the debate on the Budget Statement, he said the move to a shorter work week by the public sector and then the private sectors in in 2004 could have eroded the Singaporean’s work ethic, while not improving the fertility rate in any meaningful way. […]

‘I urge the Government to take steps to determine whether our productivity and competitiveness have been affected by the five-day week and to review the policy, if necessary,’ he added. […]_

So Mr Loo is asking Singaporeans to choose: this sunny Saturday morning, are you going to go to work and stare at your computer? Or stay in bed and have wild sex - missionary position only (although that law was repealed back in 2007), and only with someone of the opposite sex?

Hmm. Talk about a hard decision.