On a personal note…

Quoth the Country Fire Authority:

Fire in the Dederang area has significantly escalated. The fire is spotting ahead of the main fire. Residents in the Dederang, Gundowring, Gundowring Upper, Glen Creek, Kergunyah South, Mudgeegonga and Running Creek need to watch for embers and act on their fire plan.

My parents live in Kiewa, about 25km down the tinder-dry road from Dederang. They’re staying to defend the house.

The 9:30pm update, quoth Dad: “It’s smoky out there, but no red glow on the horizon yet.”

Update: Good news, readers; the Beechworth fire is currently contained.

The word from Dad is that there were a few distant spot fires last night, but nothing close; back-burning operations are kicking in today, and the weather’s been mild. We’re not out of danger just yet, but it’s looking better this evening than yesterday.

Other update: Can we all just agree that Danny Nalliah is a ghoul (and a useless political pundit) and leave him be? Maybe if we ignore him he’ll go away.

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2 Responses to On a personal note…

  1. Tobe Freeman says:

    Dear Josh, I sure hope your family are safe.

  2. Kieran says:

    Good luck to your parents, hope they stay safe.

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