Next Week: The Adelphi Hotel Goes To White Castle And Meets Ecstasy-Crazed Neil Patrick Harris

So I was out tonight catching up with the old crew from college. Drinks and a (cheap!) parma at the Comfortable Chair, then a huge gelati cone from Gelobar on Lygon Street - a quintessential Melbourne night out. (Tip: don’t be dissuaded by the queues at Gelobar, it’s totally worth it, even if the queue is looping all the way around the store and spilling out the door. At least there’s one industry not being affected by the credit crunch.)

I came back to my hotel, looked at the 3-day forecast they’d left on my bed (43 degrees for Melbourne tomorrow), and saw this [sic]:

_The Yarra River is often called the river that runs upside down, but if you think about Australia is on the southern side of the planet so technically it runs the right side up. Hhmmm.


Someone down in the front office must have been smoking an enormous blunt when they wrote that little stream-of-consciousness piece. Do you need some chocolate chip cookies and Doritos down there, guys?

(Disclaimer: I love the Adelphi - it’s the coolest hotel in the CBD and the ezard restaurant downstairs is one of the highlights of Melbourne. But this was too funny not to write about.)