Inadvertent Truth in Advertising

Some inadvertent truth in advertising from HSBC’s promotional magazine, Red and White (random font sizes and colours all sic, boldface added):

_In life, there are always __simple __options.

For investments, there are also simple solutions.

It’s understandable that the world of investments may seem complicated at times. Good news is, just like everything else, there are always simple options. At HSBC, we offer solutions that are _either simple to invest in or understand.

Apparently you can’t have both. And the empirical evidence supports HSBC’s lapsus calami:

Shares: simple to understand, but not simple to invest in;

First-to-default credit baskets securitised by a AA-rated CDO mezz tranche: not simple to understand, but very simple to invest in (even if you didn’t really want to).