“Black Saturday” doesn’t have much of a ring to it, does it?

Update: It’s worse. Much worse. This fire near Beechworth burnt through the area where I shot this photo just four days ago; you can see how much havoc a fire could have wreaked in that dry country.

From the Spencer Street Soviet:

The temperature in Melbourne has just hit 46.2 degrees – a new all-time record. The high out here at the airport has been 46.8 degrees (116 on the old scale). Bushfires have cut the main Melbourne-to-Sydney freeway.

And elsewhere in Victoria, from the Country Fire Authority:

Urgent Threat Message for community of Hidden Valley.

Urgent Threat Message for residents of Scollers Road, Caters Roads Settlement and Swan Marsh.

Urgent Threat Message for communities of Haven, McKenzie Creek Bungalally and Green Lake west of Horsham.

Urgent Threat Message for the communities of Garfield North, Tonimbuk, Labertouche, Robin Hood, Drouin West, Buln Buln, Tarago, Jindivick, Jindivick North, Longwarry, Longwarry North, Bunyip and outskirts of Drouin townships.

Urgent Threat Message for communities of Hazelwood South, Jerralang and Jerralang North, Jerralang Junction.

Urgent Threat Message for communities of Muntham, Coleraine and Hilgay.

If they start cancelling flights from Melbourne airport, you’ll be the first to hear about it.

Update: Oh, wait…

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  1. zevans says:

    I usually watch the temperature on the Melb Uni earth sciences page, here:
    They recorded 46.9C.

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