Foot-in-mouth Disease Strikes Again

Never let it be said that the Singaporean government doesn’t care about its citizens.

_SINGAPOREANS could consider living in nursing homes in neighbouring Johor Baru [across the border in Malaysia], Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan suggested yesterday.

It would be cheaper, yet be near enough to Singapore for family members to visit and for residents to return for medical care if necessary, he said._


_But Minister Khaw’s practical, sensible suggestions go even further:

_If any medical problems cropped up, the elderly could be taken back to Singapore by ambulance, he said.

For most Singaporeans, visiting a relative in a Johor Baru nursing home would not pose significant difficulties, he said._

There seems to be a contagious strain of foot-in-mouth disease spreading amongst Singapore’s esteemed parliamentarians.

Update: But lo! Here comes Pravda to extol the benefits of Malaysian nursing homes as well!

_WHEN civil servant Gordon Yong, 39, needed to find a nursing home for his mother following her stroke, he found the ones in Singapore too expensive.


He did the next best thing and got his mother a place in a home in Johor Baru (JB) for $600 a month. This is how Madam Leong Mew Peng, 80, came to live in Spring Valley Homecare, less than half an hour’s drive from the Causeway.


Those who check out JB homes are also finding some with facilities that are comparable to those here. Spring Valley, for example, follows Singapore regulations and provides one toilet for every four beds. Its high ceilings and large windows make its rooms airy.__


Sounds like a paid plug - but no, this is in the “real news” section. (Not that other newspapers are any better - you should see the fluff that passes for reporting in the Herald Sun some days.)