This is why we can't have nice things

Three weeks ago, Microsoft Research released Songsmith: software that takes a raw vocal track and automatically generates an instrumental accompaniment. The NY Times mocks it, Gawker calls it “awful […] awful […] awful […]“, but the Guardian thinks it has potential for “15 minutes of fame” (could we settle for ten minutes of fame instead?).

The first person to ruin it for everybody was a poster on Metafilter, who set it loose on David Lee Roth’s vocal track from _Runnin’ With the Devil__.


Now some clown on YouTube has taken things beyond the limits of good taste: White Wedding, a techno version of _Wonderwall_,_ _and this unorthodox take on Roxanne:

If you need to cleanse your ears after that, turn your speakers up to eleven and press play on this.

In other possibly related news, Microsoft has just laid off 5,000 people.