JRE Keeps You Entertained All Weekend: High In The Water

This weekend, JRE takes its first fumbling steps into the world of user-generated content!

(Administrative note: this video looks a lot better in HD, but Vimeo won’t let me embed HD without paying for it. So click through to watch it in full 720p glory.)

Shot from my office window, this is a time-lapse video of ships parked outside Singapore’s harbour. In normal times, these ships would be pointing right, toward the port area, waiting to offload their cargo - and they’d be sitting low in the water, weighed down by containers from all over the world.

But these aren’t normal times. The boats are all pointing left, away from the cargo terminal. They’re not moving - the queue of ships has been building up for months. And they’re sitting high in the water.

No cargo. No trade. The ships are parked - even when they’re offering to carry containers for free.

The cranes at the Marina Bay Sands casino site are moving - but if it weren’t for the Singapore government backstopping the project, they’d be stalled as well.