It's time to play Truth Or Wikipedia!

It’s time for Truth or Wikipedia, the game where you have to tell truth from made-up junk that’s appeared on Wikipedia! (Unfortunately, due to the continuing economic crisis, there’re no prizes - not even Carl Kasell’s voice on your home answering machine.)

Today’s topic: cuttlefish.

Cuttlefish: go.

This is a cuttlefish, currently living at Underwater World on Sentosa Island. Now, cuttlefish are amazing animals. They’re frighteningly smart, have manipulating arms and tentacles, have ink jets, can dart backward, and can see the polarisation of light through their W-shaped pupils.


Megalomaniacal marine biologists can train them to hunt down and electrocute physicists.

Truth - or Wikipedia?

The answer is in the “Read More” link.

And the answer is… _Wikipedia_!

This misinformation appeared on Wikipedia after xkcd posted a strip about cuttlefish last week. Cuttlefish actually pose no danger to physicists.

Comp Sci students, on the other hand, are in mortal danger from these innocent-looking creatures, and should stay well away from oceans, beaches, swimming pools, or any body of water at all.