In other news: two out of five full-time workers lie to researchers

Here’s a little post-holidays gem from the Reuters wire (emphasis added):

_14:36 06Jan09 RTRS-On a post-festive detox? Purge your mobile phone too

SYDNEY, Jan 6 (Reuters Life!) - On a post-holiday diet or detox? Your phone probably needs a seasonal purge too, with an Australian survey showing the majority of cellphone users collect numbers of people they don’t really know, usually when tipsy.

The online poll, commissioned by Virgin Mobile, showed 86 percent of Australians aged between 18-34 had keyed in phone numbers of people they had met briefly, with one in two admitting that happened while they were under the influence of alcohol. The survey also showed that many of these “rogue” numbers, or numbers of people you don’t really know or don’t remember meeting, are collected during work-related events or parties. […]

_**_Three out of five people working full time said they collect rogue numbers when out having a few drinks, the poll of nearly 700 people showed.


Only three out of five?