how is babby formed

_My Paper_, Singapore’s bilingual English/Mandarin bird-cage liner, has lately been running a series of articles about Traditional Chinese Medicine in the English half of the paper.

Last Friday’s article was an interview with Raymond Lo, “an expert in geomancy and traditional Chinese lifestyle topics such as ancient metaphysical theories”. He has a website, if you’re looking for a laugh.

Most of the interview is the usual pseudo-scientific five elements garbage, although there’s a hilarious bit where he explains that the treatment for high blood pressure involves “look[ing] at the kidneys to see if the water element is strong enough”.

The most amusing bit, though, was this. Apparently “how babies are made” is a bit beyond science’s pay grade.

Chinese metaphysics - is it science or superstition?_

Science is something you observe, then you formulate certain theories. You apply the theories to things in life, and you get predictable results. That’s science. The five-element theory is the same. The only mystery is who formulated those theories, and how they did it.


Ed note: so this “five-element theory”, it has research and testable hypotheses? Can I see some?

_There are many things in the world, in life, you can’t explain with science - why a baby is conceived, for example. Science can’t prove that. But it happened. All it means is that science hasn’t reached the standard to explain that - yet._

I think it’s time someone told this guy about the birds and the bees.