Call it an occupational hazard

Chinese governmental corruption has been in the news already this week on JRE, and it’s hit the headlines again today. From the Fairfax stable comes this (emphasis added):

_Revenues at high-roller casinos in Macau are down due to a lack in repeat business because many of their big-spending patrons don’t make it back to the tables for the roll of the dice.

According to a study of 99 high rollers from mainland China whose gambling habits propelled them into the headlines, _44 per cent were either sentenced to death, murdered, committed suicide or were serving long jail sentences after committing crimes to fund their visits_.


It gets better:

_Of the group Mr Zeng followed, more than half worked for the Chinese Government or state owned enterprises.

The theft of state funds by government workers is believed to have triggered the Chinese Government’s clampdown on issuing visas for visits to Macau, a move which has been blamed for the slump in gaming revenues which have fallen by 19 per cent since March._