Things Nobody Can Afford Any More

JRE has raved about Hublot watches previously. The base models are too damn expensive (you’d probably rather have a nice Bell & Ross Instrument anyway), but the top of the line watches are some exceptional examples of the watchmaking craft.

They’ve just launched a new top-of-the-line piece of mechanical artwork: feast your eyes on the Hublot One Million $ Black Caviar. It’s named after its price tag. (Click on the image for the browser-busting 2400x3500 high-res version.)

So what do you get for your million greenbacks?

544 high-quality black diamonds, mostly - about 32.25 carats worth - and some rather impressive jewelry work to set them.

The reason you can’t see the watch case is to do with the way the diamonds are set - they’re threaded together so that the actual case is invisible behind them. (A lot of your million probably goes to labour costs, as well.)

And it’s being made in a very limited production run - of exactly one.

Shame nobody can afford to buy them any more. And really - even if you could, wouldn’t you rather a Pagani Zonda F Roadster?