Only In Singapore, part fifty kajillion

Pravda’s latest social-engineering campaign wants to encourage Singaporeans to be polite. Specifically, they want diners at hawker centres and fast-food joints to clean up after themselves and return their own plates. There’s even a hilariously earnest Facebook group - search for “Goodness Gracious Me” if you’re after some laughs.

Firstly, what on earth does it say about Singapore that they needed to launch a campaign like this in the first place?

Secondly, quoth the article:

_This new awareness is the first step towards graciousness, said sociologist Paulin Straughan.

Youth, especially, respond to a sense of ‘doing the right thing’ - a ‘hip’ factor - to get them walking the talk. She said this set sees it as ‘desirable to be seen as the ‘in’, educated and socially conscious group’__.


Maybe I’m old-fashioned - but was it ever “hip” and “in” and “educated” not to be polite and clear up after yourself?

In other only-in-Singapore news: now that’s a blow against democracy. Yes, it’s a crime here.