Dear HSBC Singapore

Dear HSBC,
I went into a branch on Saturday to empty out my change jar. Now, dumping a few bags of bagged-and-sorted coins into a coin counter shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. So why does a coin deposit involve handing over my coins and agreeing to wait three working days for the cash to hit my account?
And why does it involve me signing a form saying that I have absolutely no recourse if a bag of dollar coins disappears somewhere along the line?
And why does it cost me ten bucks?
Now, don’t get me wrong, HSBC, I like you a lot (mostly because you’re one of the few banks that isn’t on the brink of a spectacular demise). But could you please be a little less customer unfriendly? Or, at least, buy a coin counting machine for your Orchard Road branch?

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2 Responses to Dear HSBC Singapore

  1. D says:

    that is absolutely insane, I remember doing similar things in Oz regularly, and it was nothing like that. Maybe they just don’t like you?

  2. Josh says:

    Could be – but it’s not just confined to HSBC. If you rock up to Standard Chartered they actually have to count the coins by hand while you stand at the counter and twiddle your thumbs.
    DBS has these whizbang automated coin deposit machines – American readers, think Coinstar and you’ll be right on the money – but they’re the only bank that has them.
    The only possible explanation is that Singaporean banks actually LIKE being customer-unfriendly…

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