JRE Keeps You Entertained All Weekend

The NFL is coming to London this weekend. (Any chance of a game in Asia, guys?… oh, wait, they tried that.)

I wanted to find a decent NFL clip to mark the occasion, but (surprise, surprise) NFL Films has yanked them all from Youtube. As penance, here’s the highlight reel from last year’s Superbowl - but do yourself a favour, dig up a video of the last two minutes of that game, because that was possibly the greatest two minutes of football ever. (Even though the Pats lost. Boo, hiss, Giants suck.)

As penance, here’s the second-greatest two minutes of football ever. Back in 1982, the annual college-football grudge match between the University of California (in navy-blue and yellow) and Stanford (in white and red) produced an implausible last-gasp play. With four seconds left on the clock, and the marching band already taking the field, Cal had one last shot at winning. To this day, they still call it “The Play”.

Here’s another clip with some more background on The Play and The Game.

The Stanford quarterback, by the way, was a guy named John Elway. He went on to become arguably the greatest quarterback ever.