Phuket - let's go!

The uber-expensive Leading Hotels of the World chain is throwing an 80th birthday party, and you’re invited.

On October 1st, at midday GMT, they’re releasing a small number of hotel rooms for just US$19.28 per night. The rack rate at … ooh, pick one at random… The Alex Hotel in NYC… is US$659 a night. So that’s… what… a 97% discount?

You can give ‘em your information, and see the list of hotels, right here - not sure why you have to pre-register, but they do seem to have a “don’t spam me” option if you’re worried about that sort of thing.

There’s nothing in Australia, unfortunately - but stacks of hotels right across Europe, a few nice-looking ones in the States, and a few in Koh Samui, Bali, and HK (if you want a cheap place to crash for the Bledisloe Cup, they don’t come much cheaper).

Unfortunately, there aren’t any hotels listed in Phuket. So I really should change that post title.