Oops, Robert Mugabe did it again

At the beginning of August, the Zimbabwean central bank knocked ten zeroes off the Zimbabwean dollar exchange rate, and suddenly one USD was worth about forty ZWD.

At the beginning of September, one USD is worth four thousand ZWD.

That’s… what… 10,000% inflation per month… or 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000% per annum (a hundred trillion trillion percent, for those keeping score at home). Which, admittedly, is a vast improvement over the old rate: 430 trillion trillion trillion percent.

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One Response to Oops, Robert Mugabe did it again

  1. Graham says:

    …and on the 5th September it’s worth 11,814.65 – one would assume something has to snap sooner or later?

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