JRE Keeps You Entertained All Weekend

The hot new camera among indie filmmakers is, so I’m told, the RED ONE. Wired has a great profile of the company that makes it - go and have a read.

It records 4k (4096 pixels wide, about four times as sharp as 1080p HDTV) widescreen video at 30fps, or 2k (2048px wide, slightly better than 1080p) at 120fps(!). It has a huge range of accessories.

And it’s mindblowingly cheap. Other 4k cameras can rent - rent! - for $3,000 per day. The RED ONE sells for $17,000 - five-and-a-half days of filming time on the Dalsa Origin linked above.

That sort of money at Sony would get you a PDW510 - which only gives you standard HDTV resolution at 30fps.

And here’s what it can do; this is high-definition video shot at 120fps, or one-fourth normal speed.

They’re releasing a hand-held version early next year, with 3k resolution (3072px wide, twice as sharp as 1080p HDTV) - targeting a price point under $3,000. Go on. You know you want one.