Have you tried rebooting your computer?

FT Alphaville’s Paul Murphy sums up the day:

_PM: Hi there

PM: Welcome to Markets Suspended.

PM: As you can image, Alphaville HQ has been a picture of tranquillity this morning.

PM: The only noteworthy things that have happened is that the US treasury has launched the biggest bailout in history and the London Stock Exchange is broken.


But don’t worry, they have a LIVE incident website, so you can see just how soon things will be back to normal! (Current ETA: unknown.)

Side note: Kudos to ThisIsLondon for their choice of picture - an LSE screen showing a sea of red, and a chart dropping almost vertically - to go with this caption:

Boost: The FTSE rose by 3.7 per cent on opening following the Bush administration’s decision to bail-out the America’s two biggest mortgage lenders