Your new Hawaiian holiday house

And it’s only $120,000 USD:

_Located in sunny Kalapana, some of the best weather on Big Island. New and unique, nautical ocean view home. Two story with 1 bedroom loft, cathedral ceilings, spiral staircases, 3 decks, with marble and maple laminate flooring. Strategically placed windows bathe sunlight throughout this house with an open floor plan. Property is close to ocean with fabulous unobstructed views._

Now, you’re probably wondering what the catch is. There’s no catch - just a few… erm… unique features! A couple from the sales pitch:

  • Off grid, with wind turbine and generator included. Because some people like that sort of thing.

  • Unpermitted home_ with over 500 sq ft of living space._ Wait, what?

But that’s not the best bit. This is the best bit. Here’s the view out the back window:

No, you’re not seeing things - the house is built on a fresh lava flow. Probably only about fifteen or twenty years old, going by the little plants that are just establishing a foothold. And if you don’t believe me, here’s another view of the house:

$120k for a possibly-illegal shoebox-sized house, with a backyard made of heat-absorbing black rock, and in extreme danger of being inundated by lava. Where do I sign?

Update: the Kalapana lava flow (where this house sits) was deposited in 1990. Photos of Kalapana town being inundated by lava are right here.