What a waste of electronics

This little gem came across the Reuters wire today (can’t find a link though):

_Nissan develops “eco” pedal to assist smart driving

TOKYO, Aug 4 (Reuters) - Nissan Motor Co said on Monday it has developed an accelerator pedal that can push back on the driver’s foot when it detects excess pressure and poor fuel efficiency.

Japan’s No.3 automaker said it would install the “ECO pedal”, which can be switched on or off by the driver, in its cars from next year. It didn’t specify which models would be equipped with the new technology._

Now, I love Nissan (for obvious reasons), but they’ve gone off the deep end here. I don’t want my car to moan at me just because I want to accelerate past some bloody Volvo driver. I want it to register the push on the accelerator pedal and _do what I tell it to do.


I don’t mind if my car intervenes when I’m doing something actively unsafe, like throwing the car into a spin on an icy road and skidding backwards into a tree at a million miles an hour. In that case, sure, I’d like traction control to kick in and save me so I can spin another day.

But if the car is complaining because I’m driving it too hard, then things have gone too far.

And think about the consequences. If this technology takes off, everyone will start walking lopsidedly - it’s going to create an entire generation of drivers with unnaturally muscular right legs.