She's opening for Milli Vanilli's next concert in Beijing

Why did it take five days for the media to latch on to the story of Lin Miaoke’s lip-syncing?

It’s not as though you couldn’t tell that she was lip-syncing to that rockin’ Top-40 hit Ode to the Motherland. Here’s the feed from China’s CCTV network; even at crappy YouTube quality, you can spot that she’s out of time.

And why is this even a story anyhow? It wasn’t a story when Luciano Pavarotti lip-synced at the ‘06 Turin Winter Olympics. It wasn’t a story when the Pussycat Dolls lip-synced at Singfest the weekend before last. (To be honest, I would’ve been more surprised if they didn’t lip-sync.)

Come on, AP and AFP and Reuters and all the other newswires who are on this story - isn’t there any real news that you could bring us from Beijing?