Because they can't figure it out for themselves?

From this weekend’s _Pravda_:

**_JC students to learn all about love

_**_FOR years, it focused on getting single graduates to meet, mingle and marry. More recently, it turned its attention to polytechnic students.

Now the Government matchmaker is ready to spread the message of love to teenagers in junior college.

The Social Development Unit is seeking bids from those willing to teach the 16-to-19-year-olds what they need to know about dating and finding the right partner in life. […]

Hopefully, it will get them in the right frame of mind to want to eventually marry and have babies._

This is not a new thing. The Singaporean government has been on this vaguely creepy “make more babies - AND HERE’S HOW” kick for at least seventeen years.

Update: You can’t make this stuff up: the Social Development Unit’s website is “”. Eww?