Is this what a Gruen Transfer feels like?

Today on Channel 5:

  • Six hours of American reality TV;

  • Two hours of Jamie Oliver;

  • Two hours of Gilmore Girls;

  • The Fat Albert movie; and,

  • Just three-and-a-half hours of local content.

Of those three-and-a-half hours: half an hour is news, two hours are sport, and half an hour is Crimewatch 2008 - “find out how the police used DNA to catch a serial lift molester!”.

The only show you could legitimately call “local content” is Incredible Tales 5, “[s]hort supernatural stories that are inspired by popular beliefs or myths in Singapore”. It’s like _Mythbusters _without the busting. Or the science. Or the production values. Or any redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Mercifully, you can now download The Gruen Transfer straight from the ABC! They only list the four most recent episodes on the download page, but here’s a tip: you can download the unlisted episodes just like this.

(And regular readers will be completely unsurprised by this: downloading the episodes directly takes six times longer - two hours instead of twenty minutes - than downloading the episodes to the webserver in Dallas, then SCP-ing them to Singapore to get around the port 80 throttle. Only nine months ‘til my contract expires and I can ditch Starhub.)