"Ease Of Finding A Good Cup Of Coffee" must not have been on the list

The offshore banking arm of HSBC has just released a survey of expatriate workers; they’ve declared Singapore the best place to live and work as an expat.

HSBC asked four questions: “where do expatriates tend to stay the longest?”; “where can expats earn and save the most money?”; “where is life the most luxurious?”; and “where are the standards of accommodation the best?”.

Some interesting findings:

  • Singapore, the UAE, and the USA are the best places to live as an expat; France and the UK are the worst;

  • 42% of expats don’t save more money than they did in their home country - why on earth would you go overseas then?;

  • Australia was rated poorly for “Longevity”, which means it doesn’t attract people to settle down. Bollocks;

  • The UAE is the most “Luxurious” place to live (only if you don’t go outside, amirite?), and India is much more luxurious than Australia or the USA. This oddity is mostly because in India, it’s easier to employ personal staff and take regular holidays;

  • The quality of accommodation in HK was rated very low (what’s wrong with living with 150 other people in a shoebox in the middle of the street?);

  • 74% of expats in Singapore said the quality of their accommodation improved when they moved here; in other news, 74% of Singaporean expats spent the whole survey griping about their rent or their mortgage.