From the front page of Pravda’s Saturday section, superimposed on a photo of an undistinguished beige-and-terracotta-painted bus stop:

This is Singapore’s oldest bus stop. Its 1970’s concrete bench along Old Choa Chu Kang Road has seen long goodbyes between generations of military men and their sweethearts. It will be extinct by 2011. Are key landmarks from our early years of nationhood disappearing too fast?

I’d say if you’re worrying about saving thirty-year-old bus stops, you’ve probably missed the proverbial boat.

Ed note: if you’re wondering why I’ve posted two newspaper clippings in a row - I’m sitting in the Book Cafe (previously on JRE), enjoying the free wifi, the not-just-good-by-Singapore-standards Illy coffee, and the huge stack of international papers. I wonder if there’s anything interesting in the NYT?

**Update: **found a photo of the bus stop, linked above.