There's a market in everything

Attention Mac-heads! Will you be distraught if Steve Jobs doesn’t release a 3G iPhone on Monday morning? Will you slit your wrists if there’s no Mac OS 10.6 or iPhone firmware 2.0?

Fear not, because now you can hedge against the soul-crushing downside of a missed product announcement. is offering odds on various Apple product announcements at WWDC, and here’s some of the more important ones:

  • Betting on the release of a 32GB, 3G iPhone that’s thinner than the current iPhone - if such a beast is released, that’ll win you $1.91 for every dollar bet (seems like quite good odds for something that’s virtually a lock?);

  • You’d think that a version-2.0 iPhone firmware would be likely with the new iPhone; betting on the release of the new firmware is paying $1.80 if you’re right, but watch out for the carrier bug-testing period!;

  • Or you could bet _against _a 3G iPhone release - it pays $7.50 if you’re right, so you’d get $375 back from a maximum $50 bet - which would buy you a whole lot of booze to drown your sorrows.