The Illusion of Speed

The Illusion of Speed, originally uploaded by Shiny Things.

In case you haven’t guessed, your editor is a bit of a revhead.

I was out today at the Albury/Wodonga Kart Club’s monthly raceday (well, the heats, anyhow). It was an enthusiastic celebration of hydrocarbons, and I dragged along a camera to capture the fun. (And a big lens - I shot this one with the 300mm f/2.8 L, which looks more like a bazooka than anything else.)

Shooting motorsports isn’t easy. If you have a fast shutter speed (above about 1/500th), you don’t get any motion, and the cars might as well be standing still. Slower than that, though, and you need to catch the cars at a slow point - preferably right at the apex of a corner, like this snap. #11 was right on the apex; #6 was just past it, and was blurred even at 1/125th.

It doesn’t hurt to have a good image stabiliser, either (especially because I was an idiot and shot handheld rather than borrowing a tripod. That lens is heavy!).

Here’s the rest of the photoset - this one turned out quite well.