Supply and demand

Was debating this over a Bombay & tonic just last night: apparently used 8GB iPhones are selling on eBay for over $400 USD – that’s more than the original retail price.

And I paid $50 for the good ol’ iPhoneSimFree unlock. So the cost of owning one since last September has been… hmm… forty-five dollars. Nice.

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2 Responses to Supply and demand

  1. Si says:

    Right, that’s it. Up she goes.

  2. Josh says:

    You might want to flip it quick – the price will probably fall a bit after July 11th, once the glut of old iPhones from upgraders hits eBay.
    I imagine there’ll be a fairly high floor on the price, though. Assuming the 2.0 firmware is unlockable, the only difference between the old iPhones and the new ones will be 3G and GPS – so unlocked old iPhones should trade at a significant fraction of the price of unlocked new ones.

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