Set the time machine for "big hair and shoulder pads"

Last music post for the day, I promise: Grabbit TV has an archive of every top-20 list from 1980 to 1998 - and more importantly, YouTube links to every single song.

Jump into the time machine:

January 8, 1983, the week after your editor poked his head into the world: Hall & Oates, Toni Basil (yep, it’s Mickey) were near the top, Men at Work were about to crack #1 with Land Down Under, and Marvin Gaye and The Clash were still around (jeez, Marvin Gaye? That makes me feel old…).

March 15, 1986: the height of 1980s electro-rock-ballad-dom, with Mr. Mister, Heart and Mike + The Mechanics all in the top 5. There’s also Sade, Elton John, and INXS (yay!).

June 16, 1990: New Jack Swing was flavour of the month, with Bell Biv DeVoe and New Kids on the Block in the top few… and hiding down the bottom of the page, Partners In Kryme’s Turtle Power, from the soundtrack to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Remember when the Turtles were tubular?