Is this what they call guerrilla marketing?

I’m sitting in Hudsons Coffee on Elizabeth Street. If you have to drink chain coffee (and given that there’s hundreds of cafes in the Melbourne CBD, there’s really no excuse for ever going to a chain), Hudsons is probably the lesser of three evils. The coffee’s not bad, and the prices are right ($3.10 for a small latte).

Now… Hudsons outsources their wifi to Telstra, who think fifteen bucks an hour is a fair price for wireless ‘net. (I can only assume they haven’t been to an American Starbucks lately.) But next door to Hudsons’ Elizabeth Street store is MagNation - a magazine store which serves coffee, actively encourages tachiyomi (reading without buying - that’s JRE’s Word of the Week!), and has free wifi.

And their wireless network’s name, clearly visible from any laptop that’s inside Hudsons, is “coffee @ magnation is better!”.