Gone In 660 Seconds

If you come to Singapore, you’ll see posters up everywhere, warning you to look out for a guy named Mas Selamat. He’s the leader of Jemaah Islamiah in Singapore, and he broke out of jail back in February. (It’s fair to ask whether he would still be in Singapore four months after breaking out.)

This was a major, major black eye for Singapore’s internal security. There haven’t been any firings at senior levels, which is a tad surprising… Aussie readers, imagine the furore if Ivan Milat broke out of the Goulburn maximum-security prison. Or, more accurately, if he was being held in a minimum-security prison with no bars on the windows and broke out of that.

Now comes the interesting bit: this week’s Newsweek has a great little article about Mas Selamat’s escape, and its ramifications for Singapore – if you only read one link in this post, make it that one. Pravda’s editorial line is noticeably different.

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2 Responses to Gone In 660 Seconds

  1. danny says:

    clever heading. u back in singapore then ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sure am.
    I’ve still got two weeks of leave left, so might try and head somewhere else next week… watch this space.

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