Fabricating Quotes: Up Close With Deepak Chopra And His Publicist

In my previous post, I wrote:

Oh, and see if you can spot the two invented quotes on the page advertising the conference. I’ll post the answers in an hour or so.

Rightyo, here’s the answers.

The first one is the Time magazine quote - luckily for us, Time posts its entire archives online, with full-text search. Search for “heroes and icons” - no mention of Chopra. Search for “Deepak Chopra” - no mention of heroes, or icons, but there’s a few starry-eyed interview pieces whenever he wants to plug a book.

If they’re talking June 1999, that makes it easy - that’d be the 100 People of the Century issue, where, funnily enough, the phrase “heroes and icons” appears in two articles. But Deepak Chopra is nowhere to be found in that issue. They’ve made that quote up out of nowhere, and I imagine Time would be interested to hear about this.

The second one is down the bottom, where they say “Deepak Chopra is one of the radical few”, and then quote from Apple’s 1997 _Think Different _advertising campaign, implying that he was one of the subjects. But Deepak Chopra never appeared in the Think Different ads. Here’s the video.

So, RMIT, I love you to bits. You’re an awesome university. But stop associating yourself with clowns like Deepak Chopra.