JRE Keeps You Titillated All Weekend

Earlier this month, Starhub (the monopoly Singaporean cable TV provider, and notorious internet throttler) was fined SGD 10,000 for screening a lesbian kiss. The Media Development Authority imposed the fine after the MTV Mandarin channel screened an advertisement for the song Silly Child, by Taiwanese pop star Olivia Yan. Quoth the MDA:

Within the commercial, romanticised scenes of two girls kissing were shown and it portrayed the relationship as acceptable. This is in breach of the TV advertising guidelines, which disallows advertisements that condone homosexuality.

The question that nobody’s asking: if ten thousand Singaporean dudes kicked in a dollar each, would MTV screen the lesbian-a-riffic video of t.A.T.u’s All The Things She Said?

Now, in the interest of providing comprehensive coverage of this important issue, here’s the video in question.

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