Even educated fleas do it!

M1 are the third cellular provider in Singapore (next to Singtel and Starhub), and apparently their HSDPA mobile broadband has the same bandwidth problems that Starhub’s cable does. But they’ve come up with a terrifically novel solution, documented by Singaporean blog life@anchorvale.

I’d love to have been sitting in on the M1 meeting where they came up with this idea. “Customers don’t like throttling… so instead… let’s inject javascript into every web page to compress and blur all of the images! That’ll save stacks of bandwidth!”

And from a followup post, they’re apparently doing it “to improve the user’s experience while surfing”. (Funnily, Starhub use the same excuse.)

M1’s slogan “You Deserve Better” has never rung so true. Wow, I miss iiNet.

(Posted via Singtel’s free islandwide Wireless@SG service, which is having major, major bandwidth troubles at the moment. You get what you pay for, I guess.)