One of these, or a car?

I like Urwerk’s watches. They’ve decided that watch hands are for sissies, and have come up with two genuinely interesting designs - the constant feature is rotating hour arms and a fixed minute scale. (And the 200-series watches look like something that fell off a stealth bomber.)

The only problem is that they’re all manual-winding. And there’s something very, very wrong with paying $50,000 for a watch and then having to pop the crown out every few days to wind the damn thing.

So they’ve launched the Model 202 - as displayed above. It’s still about $40,000, which sucks. But this one has a nifty feature - two tiny little air turbines on the back, which power the automatic winding mechanism. And it still has that totally awesome “I’m-a-piece-of-top-secret-military-technology” look.

Unfortunately, unlike most other top secret military technology, you can’t get one on eBay or Craigslist. So… uh… can someone lend me $40,000?